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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Aquarius Love Compatibility 2011

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Best Aquarius Love Match: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra

Aquarius and Aries: Aquarius Romantic Compatibility 2011 predicts a sexually active union between Arians and Aquarians in 2011. However, there are chances of some jealousy and over possessiveness between these two.

Aquarius and Taurus: According to Aquarius Romantic Horoscopes 2011, Aquarians will have to try hard to understand the Taureans. There might be some major tiffs between these two in 2011.

Aquarius and Gemini: Aquarius Love Union 2011 with Aquarians will be like icing on a cake. They both will compliment each other with their similar hobbies and love to socialize.

Aquarius and Cancer: According to Aquarius Love Compatibility 2011, these people will remain unsatisfied due to less interest in sex from their Aquarian partner. They both need to experiment a lot to set their love life on the right track.

Aquarius and Leo: Leos and Aquarians will become subject of social recognition for their smooth love life in 2011. Leo Love Compatibility 2011 with Aquarians will be smooth.

Aquarius and Virgo: Aquarius Love Compatibility 2011 with Virgos will be neither too good nor too bad. Aquarians will be too imaginative, while the Virgos will be ready to criticize their Aquarian partner on every small thing in 2011.

Aquarius and Libra: Aquarius Love Match 2011 with Librans will be a match made in heaven. Everything will move smoothly between these people and they will also travel a lot in the New Year 2011.

Aquarius and Scorpio: According to Aquarius Love Match 2011, Aquarians will be good life partners for the Scorpions. Scorpions will be reserved and Aquarians will be extremely sociable.

Aquarius and Sagittarius: Sagittarians and Aquarians form a good love match in 2011. As per Sagittarius Love Compatibility 2011, these people will form an ideal love couple that will be admired by everyone around.

Aquarius and Capricorn: Aquarius Love Match 2011 with a Capricorn will be a difficult match, as the Capricorn partner will try to dominate the Aquarian partner in this love relationship.

Aquarius and Aquarius: Two Aquarians in a love relationship will be a perfect compatible couple. Though, not too appealing physically, they both will cater to each other’s need perfectly.

Aquarius and Pisces: As per Aquarius Love Compatibility 2011, Aquarians and Pisceans will form an average love match in 2011. Aquarian partner might fail to understand their sensitive Piscean partner.

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