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Friday, December 3, 2010

Leo Love Compatibility 2011

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Best Leo Love Match: Leo, Aries and Sagittarius

Leo and Aries: Leo Romantic Compatibility 2011 predicts an aggressive love life with Aries partners. These people will have same sexual liking and interests that will result in a fruitful union.

Leo and Taurus: Leo Love Compatibility 2011 with Leos will be of average type. These people will try to gel well but people from society might try to hamper their love life in 2011.

Leo and Gemini: Geminis and Leos in a love union will form an average love match in 2011. Leo Love Astrology 2011 predicts some outside disturbances in the love life with Leos in 2011.

Leo and Cancer: Leo Love Compatibility 2011 with a Leo will prove good with both of these people getting familiar to each other’s interest. Cancerians will admire the Leo partner for many things.

Leo and Leo: Two Leos in a love relationship will be like a match made in heaven. Leo Love Compatibility 2011 predicts a passionate sex drive in these people that will make their love life blissful in 2011.

Leo and Virgo: According to Leo Love Compatibility 2011, these people will form a happy and lucky relationship with Virgos. Both will feel proud of each other in this love match.

Leo and Libra: Leos and Librans together will try to excel together in the same profession. They both will be each other’s strength in the coming few years and as a result everything will go right in their love life.

Leo and Scorpio: Leo Love Match 2011 with Scorpions will be full of vigor that will be sometimes in their favor and sometimes against them. These people will be over possessive for each other.

Leo and Sagittarius: Leo Love Compatibility 2011 with a Sagittarian will be given as examples by many due to their trust, love and sensitivity. In short, Leos and Sagittarians will form a great love couple.

Leo and Capricorn: Leos will find Capricorn partner as very passionate on the bed but emotionally they will not understand each other too well. Leo Love Match 2011 with Capricorn will be of an average kind.

Leo and Aquarius: Leos and Aquarians will become subject of social recognition for their smooth love life in 2011. Leo Love Compatibility 2011 with Aquarians will be smooth.

Leo and Pisces: Leos and Pisceans together will form a strange love couple in 2011. There are few chances of this love relationship to go for long due to many misunderstandings.


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